Custom Bedsheet Relieve Your Stress In 7 Minutes Or Less

Why Relieve Stress

Stress is a normal, even important, physical response to possibly threatening or upsetting situations. But, excessive amount of stress can be harmful for your physical health, mental health and emotional wellness. Relaxation may well be the best thing you can do for yourself. It can benefit your heart, immune system, memory and so much more. Fortunately, there are so many ways to calm down and relieve stress in just 7 minutes or less!

First Let’s talk about Sleep and Custom Bedsheet

Excess stress can prevent getting enough sleep. Further, not getting sufficient rest conveys a mental cost which thus, can make more stress and pressure in your life. In an examination by the American Psychological Association, when sleeping under 8 hours, over 40% of members reported fractious, overwhelmed or angry. Half reported becoming annoyed, losing patience or yelling at their partners, children or spouses. They were also more likely to skip exercise but a proven stress and pressure reliever. Getting enough sleep and rest important to prevent this downward spiral.

Custom bedsheet throw pillow sleep relieve stress

The three important factors to a good sleep are comfort, temperature and support. Comfort come from both your bed and your bedding. In bedding, research shows that comfort created by proper support from bedsheet, pillow, light weight on top of you and room temperature control or regulation. Keep room temperature at recommended setting according to your location. In the event that your bed isn’t giving you the right pressing factor support by being either too firm or too soft, a feather bed mattress topper can revive your bed and give a more peaceful sleep and rest. And also if you add loved one memories with custom bedsheet it will help you to connect emotionally which results in good mental health as well.

How to Meditate

Meditation is a proven path for stress reduction for few reasons including stimulating more blood flow throughout the body as well as brain. Simply follow few basic steps on meditation in just 5-10 minutes.

Find a comfortable and quiet and calm place to meditate that is safe from any interferences or interruptions.

Sit upright in a chair or leg over leg on a cushion. It will be most comfortable if you can have your hips at a significant higher level than your knees.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and focus on your breathing. It tends to be useful to start with 3 deep belly breaths. This sends message to your mind and body to unwind and relax.

If you find yourself thinking and reasoning, just refocus on your breathing without judgment.

Do Yoga

Yoga is known as meditation in movement for good reasons. The ancient practice combines the benefit of physical activity to promote flexibility, improve muscle tone, and boost muscular strength as well as mental relaxation because of its focus on proper breathing.

Custom bedsheet sleep relieve stress yoga
Custom bedsheet sleep relieve stress yoga

Do yoga poses – a minute for each posture – each and every day to enjoy the benefits:

This article from yoga has 8 easy poses that anyone can handle in just a few minutes to calm their nerves.

And, if you are feeling more ambitious, try these poses from yoga journal, they have 30 to choose from and easy-to-follow instructions.

Take a deep breath, or thrice

Deep and profound breathing pumps more oxygen into the body, so to speak, which reduces stress levels. Specialists recommend attempting these three sorts of deep breathing and then determining which one turns out best for you:

Stimulating breath, a technique used to increase alertness and energy in a positive way

4-7-8 breath, a natural tranquilizer for your nervous system

Breath counting, a procedure utilized in Zen practice

Take a Natural Walk

Exercise lessens stress levels and feelings of anxiety as well, but you need not engage in demanding exercise – even a short nature walk through a local neighborhood park will do the trick. Not only will you be able to enjoy distance from the source of your stress, but you will also enjoy and appreciate the fresh air, warm sunshine, and beautiful scenery landscape.

Custom bedsheet sleep relieve stress nature walk

Enjoy Aromatherapy

Well it is based on connection between your sense of smell and your brain when you smell lavender, for instance, you are more likely to feel relax. Simply light an aromatic candle, pour scented bath salts into your bath water, and open a jar of potpourri, and enjoy its benefits and make most of its advantages.

Play with your Companion Pet

Research have shown that playing with a companion pet can lessen stress levels. Playing gets two things done – physical activity as well as occupies the mind, both necessary in reducing stress.

Custom bedsheet sleep relieve stress play with pet

What are you waiting for? Shop Luxury Custom bedsheet and adopt these natural relaxation remedies with Home Décor Ambience. Start to take control your stress as a master!

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